The RAEL Orange Friday Wave is about creating awareness around 
addiction and to remove the stigma. #RAELOrangeFriday

Addiction does not merely affect the addict, it creates a hell
for those around them. It does not merely destroy the addict's
family and friends, it has devastatingly far-reaching effects
across the board. Most alarming of all, it can happen to anyone,
it's non-discriminatory, it crosses all divides.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Recovering addicts CAN turn
their lives around, they CAN be useful and upstanding members of
society. As the founder of R.A.E.L and RAEL Orange Friday, it
has been proven to me through years of experience that addiction
loves to hide in darkness, that people's shame / fear will prevent
them from seeking help, but, through support & open, non-judgemental,
lines of communication, addicts and their families can recover from
this illness, whether it's alcohol, drugs, or gambling.

It is in the whole world's best interests to address this illness
with the attention it deserves, it must be taken out of the shadows
and dark corners and brought to light. With awareness and support we
can make a difference in so many lives......

We continue to keep it in the open every friday with

Where we ask people to wear Orange and share pics etc.
So we together, can fight this scourge killing our nation.