The RAEL Organization asks for your assistance. I am personally donating towards creating dignity packs for less fortunate people, 
homeless people, and state old age homes, folk which will be given to them personally. I have never asked for something like this before,
but it is my way of paying back, as I knew what gave me a bit of dignity on the streets. 

It will additionally give the RAEL members a chance to feel what it’s like to give to the less fortunate, as we will pack & distribute the dignity 
packs together with our recovering members. Not all street people and less fortunate people are in their predicament because of drugs or 
drink, and deserve basic hygiene and care. All people donating toward this drive of creating dignity one step at a time, will be mentioned
and published in a RAEL Dignity Book. If you wish to stay anonymous, that is fine. We will keep record of everything.

Please donate, and lift a person or family.

Items Needed:

1. Face Cloth, and body soap
2. Toothpaste, and toothbrush
3. Sunlight clothes washing block / small hand wash powder
4. Disposable Razors
5. Combs/brushes
6, Toiletry Bags
7. Ladies Sanitary Products

Thank you, may God Bless you as we start making the difference to our people of ALL race. www.rael.co.za / info@rael.co.za

Anthony Hall
Founder RAEL Organization

Bank Details

Anthony Hall Standard Bank:
Current Account
Account Number: 071396802
Branch Code: 051001
Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ
+27 71 592 3165
Reference: Dignity Packs

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