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RAEL Sober City Tours

Anthony Hall Addiction Vlogs

Anthony Hall RAEL Founder - "7 Year Old Drug Addict"

Anthony Hall RAEL Founder - "Addiction Killing Our People"

Anthony Hall RAEL Founder - "Children are Stoned While Parents Watch"

Anthony Hall RAEL Founder - "The Grace of God"

Anthony Hall RAEL Founder - "Remove the Stigma"

Anthony Hall RAEL - "Alcohol Withdrawals Can Be Deadly"

Anthony Hall Sharing RAEL Stories of Hope

Anthony Hall RAEL - "Governments Failure to Save Our Children"

Anthony Hall RAEL "We Can All Recover"

Anthony Hall RAEL - "Addiction & Parents"

Anthony Hall RAEL "Spare My Feelings, Save My Life"

Anthony Hall - "How The Addict Always Plays the Victim"

Anthony Hall "Lets Unite Against This Pandemic"

Anthony Hall RAEL "Parents Take Back Your Homes!"

RAEL Addiction Recovery & Sober Living Farm

RAEL Founder Anthony Hall

Anthony Hall being Interviewed by ANN7 News

Klerksdorp Drug Free March

Drug Rehab Centre Shocking Findings"- RAEL on eNca

RAEL at Drug Abuse Awareness Day in Letsopa Ottosdal

RAEL 48hr World Loomathon

RAEL Feeding the Rawsonville Community

RAEL Orange Friday 9/11 2015

RAEL Orange Friday Wave Ladysmith

RAEL Orange Friday Wave Worcester

RAEL Orange Friday Wave Zwelethemba


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